BGI Spotlight: HR Head tells us why HR Matters Most

Human Resource Professional Day

On Human Resource Professional Day (26 September), HR professionals across the country are recognized and celebrated for their hard work in ensuring that employees are kept happy and productive. Let’s look at some useful Human Resources insights from our HR Head Jayaprakash Sundaram who tells us why it’s important to have a well-rounded HR team, even for small businesses/Start-ups.

Provides Strategic Direction

Human Resources is no longer just about enhancing employee experiences in a company. The new era of HR Development is aligned to ensuring organizations are in sync with long-term strategic development goals as per the Vision of a Company. Given the onus on Human Resources to fulfil the Vision, constant evaluation of gaps that exist between the demands of a Mission and the Teams’ existing Skill Sets along with the steps taken to upskill / reskill employees successfully lie in the hands of a competent HR Team.  The Team constantly evaluates current procedures and circumstances, conducts thorough analysis of previous development, and prepares the Company’s Human Resources for future adaptability.  In short, the Human Resources Department is a solution-oriented organization within a Company that provides Strategic Direction to propel Company growth.

Adds Unaffected Value

Human Resources is positioned to act as an amplified and unified voice of company culture. Innovative business leaders are leveraging the convergence of business and individuals by bringing in proactive, strategy-minded, and culture-centred Human Resource pioneers that are capable of instilling the Core Values of a Company and thereby contribute largely in building the Brand of a Company.

Jayaprakash Sundaram tell us what needs to be included in Business Planning

When it comes to overseeing recruitment, salary, benefits, and organisational rules, most entrepreneurs consider Human Resources to be the “go-to” Department. However, they are often overlooked when it comes to making critical business decisions. Human Resource pioneers have a wealth of vital information which can help support in planning and implementing long-term business objectives.

Build a Talent Management in your Organisation

In many Companies, Entrepreneurs generally consider HR only for compliance and risk mitigation. An expert HR manager can also work as a talent development manager – someone with the ability to nurture strong, capable employees, who in turn can become valuable assets to the Organisation.

A Human Resource Team is as crucial of a team as any in a typical business scenario. An excellent HR team can help create the ideal environment for work-life balance and enable a seamless flow of communication between the individual and the management.