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businessgateways (India) is the technology arm of Business Gateways International LLC (Oman) and was established in 2014 in the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Over the past 6 years, businessgateways (India) has grown rapidly as a ready, able, and willing organization delivering bespoke cutting-edge technology-driven IT solutions to its international stakeholders.
Our core strength lies in our ability to Build & Operate complex IT Platforms that positively impact large Business & Social Communities. And we do it well!

We forge long-term relations

Building strategic bespoke platforms are truly challenging and the process is unlike delivering a single software application and saying goodbye to our customers. Building a Platform involves developing long-term partnerships with our discerning clients by intense consulting in understanding strategic & operational objectives, delivering abstract conceptualization of the ecosystem, creation of future proof framework solutions architecture and developing a myriad of functions and tools — all holistically amalgamating into a single-point solution that impacts organizations, industry-wide networks and even national objectives.

And that is just half the story…

We then walk the talk by Operating the Platforms that we Architect and Build for our Stakeholders, thereby removing the nightmarish challenges for our clients in managing complex platforms and engaging the required skillset-based resources to operate them. We take those challenges upon ourselves, freeing our Stakeholders to use the platform as end-users, leaving behind-the-scenes complexities of managing the business processes, hosting the application, implementing security management and platform constant updates to us. In short, it is a lifetime partnership that we maintain with our clients. And it is no wonder they treat us as part of their team, encouraging us to take on even greater challenges.

In short, our team is great; our deliveries are even better, and our operational success stories are truly the best!

So, if you are on the lookout to build applications and platforms that impact group organizations, industry-wide deployments, and national objectives, we are your go-to team.

Platform-based Solutions

businessgateways (India) offers unique IT solutions, empowered by advanced technology, exclusive data analytics, and expertise to enable countries (governments), industries, organizations, and people to grow in new and enriching ways. We build & operate strategic IT projects/platforms from subsidy systems to certification platforms to B2B modules, aligning with the needs of our clientele.

Platform Journey

Here is a quick rundown of a platform building journey From Concept to Launch & Operate
Stage 1: Conception

The first stage of any platform development involves planning. This stage is crucial and lays the groundwork for the later stages. We set open and free communication channels with our customers to learn their requirements and analyse all aspect of the future project.

Stage 2: Viability Analysis

We are flexible in providing custom software development services for startups, large companies, stakeholders and government entities. We section the workflow among our teams to evaluate the feasibility in terms of time, functionality, cost, etc.

Stage 3: Platform Design

To us, the design is vital in platform development. Our design team sets the architecture of the platform ensuring that the layout is fluid, clear and plausible, with the appropriate data structure and database designs that best suit our customer’s requirement.

Stage 4: Development

The programming stage is where a lot of brains work on coding and delivering the desired software. Our team of professional developers have knowledge of all needed programming languages and frameworks to create the finest applications. We treat every project with the sense of care and responsibility, following SLA requirements and considering the needs of our clients.

Stage 5: Implementation & Testing

At this stage, our team carefully carries out step-by-step implementation and integration of the various programs of the platform. Our experienced team deftly pieces the platform together ensuring smooth functioning. During this stage, our Testing team run the software and quality analysis test to check the platform’s performance.

Stage 7: Launch & Operate

The last stage of any platform building journey is either launching the service to the target audience or handing the platform over to our clients/stakeholders. We create a transparent and specific support/maintenance process that allows for the effective and efficient running of the application environment.