Business Stimulation platforms for MSMEs

Business Stimulation platforms for MSMEs

Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are today treated with utmost respect for their contribution to every nation’s progress. As a result, governments are constantly finding ways and means to form support structures and initiatives to encourage MSME growth and sustainability.

One key component that has evolved in the last decade is the Online Enablement of MSMEs. Empowering MSMEs to independently drive their strategies has become an important objective of every state or federal government. Tapping into online models supporting B2G, G2B, B2B & B2C segments are rapidly evolving into cohesive, unified, and dynamically adaptable business ecosystems.

At businessgateways (India), we are passionate about creating MSME Business Stimulation platforms that contain proven key benefits for the MSME Community to engage on.

And who could drive such MSME Stimulation Platforms?

The stakeholders could be associations of business communities that can be ramped up to district, state or even federal levels through direct mandates or ownership by the Governmental structures that support MSMEs such as MSME Authorities, SME related Ministries and Trade/Commerce entities.

businessgateways (India) approach to MSME Business Stimulation Platforms is to build and operate a layered structure model comprising the following:

  • Compliance
  • Visibility
  • Empowerment
  • Engagement

Each layer consists quite complex structures that are driven and operated directly by businessgateways (India) without the stakeholders taking on the burden of sustainability. The model of engagement under the ‘build and operate’ initiatives of businessgateways (India) driven MSME Platforms are highly flexible and tailormade to suit ground realities to derive the ‘local’ engagement benefits that can scale up MSMEs from regional communities all the way to the international export arenas.


It is indeed critical to first identify the exact classification of each MSME. For those governments with clear MSME classification criteria rules, it could appear straightforward but still ensuring continuous online compliance is also a key factor to maintain the sustainability of such platforms. businessgateways (India) can build the required standard operating structures of Classification Validation models built around online submission and approval processes that work closely with the stakeholders every step of the way.


Approved MSMEs are onboarded to the MSME Platforms through a comprehensive Profile Management System that supports each MSME to independently connect their own Products & Services to a comprehensive Catalog System with optional, further validation of their Products & Services for better reliability. Eventually, they can integrate into other Procurement Systems with potential Supplier Certification platforms (read Supplier Certification) for added value.


businessgateways supports freedom of onboarding for multiple employees of the MSME to help maximize their collaboration and engagement on the platform. Such Users are provided intensive training to adapt their departments and their roles within the MSME ecosystem.


Every MSME is provided with specific bouquet of Services that pertain to the nature of business, departmental roles, and strategic initiatives.

With the in-built MSME Services Cluster, MSMEs can adapt to Business to Government (B2G), Government to Business (G2B), Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) models that provides overall integration to national platforms under B2G & G2B models, Distribution and Partnership expansion models under B2B, and eCommerce Engines under B2C.

They can connect to the National Opportunities through Tenders, Participation through secure RFX and eTendering functions and ultimately engage with online International Markets for Exports.

businessgateways (India) core experience in having dealt with thousands of SMEs worldwide gives us the required edge and insights for building MSME simulation platforms for your community.

Talk to us, you won’t be disappointed!