BGI Email Privacy Policy

businessgateways India (BGI) is pleased to have you join our mailing list and we hope you benefit from the information we send you from time to time. Please read these policies to understand the way we manage the data of our valued clientele.

Note: You get to choose the type of emails you receive from us, or entirely stop receiving any information from us, by unsubscribing from the mailing list Update Mail Topic Preferences. For the purpose of understanding this policy, refer to the below:

  1. businessgateways India (BGI) is the owner of the data residing on all systems of BGI
  2. BGI, We, we, Our, our, Us, us – relates to BGI
  3. You, you, Your, your Organization, organization, Their, their, – relates to those entities who wish to receive information from BGI


How we use data

BGI uses your data to send you useful information from time to time.

How to control the data you have shared to our Mailing List

We provide you with complete access to control the data you have shared with us when joining our Mailing List. Please visit the update Mail preference form page  Update Mail Topic Preferences to update your data / preferences anytime.

How to control the emails you receive from BGI

 If you wish to change the topics of emails you receive from us or unsubscribe from our mailing list. This link can also be seen at the end of all emails you receive from us.

Sharing of data

Data collected by BGI is not shared with any third party.

Cookies and similar technologies

By visiting our website, you will be prompted to accept cookies and other features which we use to track the needs of our clients, to serve them better. Communication between you and us on our website will also be tracked and updated on our servers. This is to serve you better; however, you can choose to delete your cookies from your browser anytime. Information received until then, will remain on our servers and will be maintained / removed periodically as per prevailing policies.


BGI does not involve and does not encourage any form of spam inward or outward. Spam mails being sent to us will entail in the email ID being permanently removed from our servers. BGI places utmost care on the information that is sent out to its valued stakeholders.


BGI sends marketing information or transactional information to emails in our servers, purely for the benefit of organizations. By receiving our emails and reading it, BGI or any of its stakeholders at all levels, stand indemnified from any claim from anyone, notwithstanding any point whatsoever.


For any information regarding legal or compliances please send a mail to

Important: We recommend you refer to this page periodically for the latest version. The prevailing policies on this page, shall supersede all previous versions seen here earlier.