eProcurement Services Department

The eProcurement Services Department at BGI India is a team of professionals committed towards providing the best possible service and support to our clients, who are primarily from the public sector. We have extensive experience in various fields and have a fundamental understanding of the business strategy needed to build long-term client relationships.

In short, our team knows what it takes to build lasting client relationships and we’re proud to offer the following:

Goproc – eAuction & eTendering

Goproc is an India-grown online eAuction platform, supporting Indian SME Asset Building. Goproc helps in the Disposal & Purchase of: Excess Goods | Industrial Scrap | Used Vehicles | Used Equipment. Equipped with up-to-date technology, including mobile apps and online bidding, we provide holistic solutions that is result-oriented and user friendly.

Goproc Franchisee Network  

We offer services such as Goproc Franchisee Training Program, Goproc Franchisee Support etc., so you can use it to support your business needs. Goproc can be installed in your premises, branded and white labeled to your organisation with all the features that Goproc offers. The Software Lease option further allows you to integrate Goproc to your existing Procurement System, and begin reaping benefits in every Procurement or Disposal Event you conduct.

eProcurement Products & Services

Move your Procurement action to high impact results using Goproc’s integrated eTendering and eAuction services. eTendering process is highly prevalent in many corporate organisations who aim to procure Goods & Services following a secure and transparent model while being compliant to the company’s policies.

We have in-depth knowledge in providing Products and Services for eProcurement systems, including software development and integration. We also offer consultancy services related to eProcurement systems and we understand that there are often complex issues that need addressing when integrating different systems together.

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