National Inward Investment Facilitation Platforms (FDI)

National Inward Investment Facilitation Platforms (FDI)

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is a major factor in gauging a nation’s potential and business environment. It is a cohesive system bringing together multiple influencers such as National visibility, Business reforms, Ease of Doing Business Rank, FDI related projects, Licensing models and Investor success and satisfaction.

FDI is a major revenue earner that has a high impact on the country’s internal growth strategies as well. Today, almost all countries have dedicated organisations & authorities that ensure Investors from around the world are made to invest in their respective countries. It is a globally competitive market that require each country to put forth their best of benefits.

While bringing Investments requires a clear strategic vision and support structures in place, it is equally important to ensure the right kind of enabling models to showcase and drive investment facilitation through technology. Most of the countries do have Investment related Websites, but that is only a small part of the ecosystem. What is required is, a fully enabled Investment Facilitation platform that can handhold the Investor right from the registration level and all the way to the actual investment commitment. This requires multiple stakeholders within the investment domain to work together and ensure transparency, competitiveness, and efficiency of services to make the potential Investor’s experience to be fruitful.

businessgateways (India) provides core consulting and online services built around a robust Investment Platform that can support Investment facilitation across sectors onto a single unified Platform. 

The Platform delivers

  • Investors Onboarding & Diligence
  • Projects Profiling
  • Investor License System
  • Collaborative Tools
  • Workflow driven Approvals,
  • Propagation services
  • Analytics
  • And much more!

The Investment Facilitation platform together with potential integration to B2B could also provide critical value to Investment Projects to create a harmonious and a highly efficient universal model.

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