Special Projects Department

We are experts in building and operating platform solutions for local content, investment, subsidy and start-up ecosystems. Our expertise includes incubation frameworks (SaaS).

We help you build the framework for your business, from the ground up. We take your needs as a client and create a solution that fits your company’s mission as well as your budget.

We provide a full range of services including:

Build & Operate Platform Solutions / Frameworks in  Local Content / Investment / Subsidy / Start-up Ecosystems:

Our products are designed to help you create, operate, and scale your platform. We have worked with organizations around the world to develop solutions that are tailored to their needs. Our team has been working in this field since 2014 and we have experience in every aspect of the process from development through launch.

Incubation Frameworks (SaaS):

We can help you create an incubation framework (SaaS) that will be used by multiple organizations or just one small business in your area. We can also provide consulting services if you need assistance with something else related to your project or business plan.

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