Supplier Certification & Procurement Systems

Supplier Certification & Procurement Systems

Supplier Certification is a key enabler for efficient procurement in any organization. To maintain a robust Supply Chain, it is imperative that Procurement Departments are consistently vetting their approved supplier information, capabilities, capacities, and compliances to ensure any procurement initiative leading to Contract awards are done with full understanding of key metrices regarding potential contractors, thereby leading to better decision making, greater transparency and higher efficiency of services.

However, it is also important to note that the cost of managing efficient Supplier Certification models impact bottom line profitability of companies since such processes are resource intensive and are not necessarily budgeted at the enterprise level in most organizations.

The trend today is to consolidate and manage Supplier Certifications at group companies or, even wider, at Industry levels. Such industry-wide Supplier Certification initiatives are being undertaken by support or regulatory bodies who drive those specific industries such as Associations or Government Ministries, thereby championing and taking responsibility of a ‘single-window’ registration and certification model which is then fed to the potential Buyers operating under that Industry for direct procurement activities. By approaching through such consolidated models, the cost of developing and maintaining such Supplier Certification models are significantly lower and more efficient than managing independent ‘silos’ of certification systems.

businessgateways (India) has the development and operational experience to handle such challenging consolidated online models that drive Group level or Industry level Certification Systems. Taking into consideration the overall metrices of the certification processes, our consulting expertise go beyond standard approaches and rely on best practices and innovative models leading to KPI derivatives across the supply chains. Our ‘outsourced’ model would also ensure that Industry level Certification Stakeholders rest their challenges of operating such a system online due to the end-to-end Certification Solutions provided by us that cover the entire spectrum of Supplier Onboarding, Certification, and ongoing Operational Engagement of Suppliers through consistent support layers.

businessgateways (India) online platforms are sheer investments that deliver deeply integrated procurement engines running on Supplier Certification models that can further and eventually help you implement strategic procurement objectives that go beyond standard procurement approaches.

Talk to us about your needs on Supplier Certification and we shall help you lay a clear roadmap to move things further. You are bound to see the surprise element in our model!