BGI Spotlight: DevOps Asst. Manager walks us through a development process

BGI Spotlight - Seenivasan on DevOps

Modern businesses must adapt to the rapid evolution of the digital world to succeed. In other words, it’s essential to leverage cutting-edge technology to develop clever solutions that meet the new specifications. Development Operations (DevOps) was developed as a result.

DevOps suggests close coordination with various development departments for effective and reliable outcomes. This enables Developers, Testers, and System Administrators to collaborate and provide results efficiently. Seenivasan K, our DevOps Asst. Manager, explains how building a strong DevOps Team can benefit a company and walks us through the Development and Testing process.

Improves release rates

Many operations can be automated when using DevOps, reducing the time required for production. DevOps contributes to the processes’ flexibility, which makes it possible for them to adapt to changes without experiencing any large discrepancies, which helps with error-fixing as well.

Facilitates testing

You don’t need to manually write code with DevOps because it is transferred automatically. And that enables you to prevent human errors, which have a negative influence on testing.

Effectively reacts to updates, bug fixes, and changes

Because it takes time to identify and report defects, it could be challenging to completely eradicate them using the conventional development approach. Additionally, those errors may emerge during other phases such as during testing. And that takes even longer because teams work independently and find bugs in their areas of expertise.

DevOps uses automated monitoring systems that deliver error reports regardless of the working environment. These speeds up the development process and helps produce reliable outcomes.

Once you are aware of the advantages of DevOps, you can move on to the actual processes. 


Consulting is where it all starts. The Project Manager outlines the business side’s expectations, and then developers build the product’s structure using that knowledge. Additionally, because it ensures that each department is moving in the same direction, Testers, Administrators, and Developers can all be included in the Consulting Stage. Therefore, the Consulting Stage is the first step to a consistent outcome.

CI/CD pipeline creation

Professionals establish the pipeline for continuous integration and delivery at this point, where product development will take place. In other words, it involves creating an environment that is compatible with the characteristics of the product, which may include Multiple Scripts, Versioning Systems, and Monitoring Systems. Everything is written by hand until DevOps comes into play. DevOps eliminates the need to start from scratch by having the program adjust to the requirement.


In this phase, Developers run the script which transforms the code into the final product. Developers can save time & effort and concentrate on more difficult tasks because scripts translate the code into the final result.


Thorough testing is required to ensure that the system operates without error. If a product isn’t thoroughly tested before distribution, fixing it later could prove time-consuming, expensive, and labor-intensive. Testing is therefore a crucial stage of development, specifically, Automated Testing. All of it takes place without the involvement of Developers and Testers. However, if serious problems or faults are found, the code is sent to the Testers, who check everything.

Optimization and monitoring

As soon as the product is out, the Monitoring Systems start checking how it functions and records any issues. Monitoring Systems immediately block any malfunctions that could affect the overall performance so that developers can address and rectify them manually.

DevOps is, all things considered, a wise choice for Business Owners. It helps save time and money on various operations that the system can perform automatically, in addition to increasing the turn around time. And if done well, it can produce worthwhile benefits in less time and with less money spent. DevOps is therefore something to think about if you want to create a flawless product.

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