Major trends that shape B2B sales

Major trends that shape B2B sales

The world of sales is changing, and it’s no longer about the goods. Salespeople must be able to adapt to their clients’ shifting demands.

B2B sales are undergoing some major shifts in terms of how they are conducted. There is an increasing trend towards digitalization, which has led to a decline in the importance of face-to-face interactions. This has led to changes in the way B2B sales teams operate and interact with their customers.

This section will look at some of the important themes that will shape B2B sales in the future.

1) The consumer is king

2) The end of cold calling

3) Live video

4) Social selling

The customer is king

This phrase is a bit old-fashioned, but in the business world, it is still relevant. Companies are always looking for ways to improve their customer service, sales experience and offer more personalised services to their customers.

Different businesses take different approaches to this concept and how they express their gratitude to customers. For example, some companies provide a 24/7 Support Service, while others offer a live chat option, eliminating the waiting period for someone on the other side of the line to pick up your call or email.

Some Companies go as far as creating individualised customer profiles so that they know exactly what each customer needs and wants. And others take it one step further by creating personalised connections with each one of their customers through social media channels like Facebook or Twitter, which helps create an emotional bond between them and the company’s brand.

The end of cold calling

The latest research from Salesforce and LinkedIn found that 52% of people surveyed said they would never pick up the phone to make a call to someone they didn’t know. And, in this age of email and social media, the number has increased by 5% from last year.

Sales professionals are turning their attention to social selling as a more effective way to reach out and connect with prospects.

Live video

Live video is a great way to connect with customers and build trust. Live video has become a trend in the business world, and it is not going anywhere soon.

Live video offers many benefits for customers and businesses. It can help you connect with your customer on a more personal level, which builds trust. And it can also help you demonstrate your Product or Service in real time, so they know exactly what they are getting before they buy it.

Social selling

Social selling is a sales technique that is based on the use of social media platforms to generate business leads and sales. In this article, we will see how social selling has changed over time and what the trends are in this area. Check out our blog to learn: What makes digital marketing necessary for businesses?


The future of B2B sales is based on digitalization, which means that face-to-face interactions will slowly decline in importance and revolutionise the way B2B sales teams operate and interact with their customers.

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