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February 2023 Newsletter

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“INside businessgateways” newsletter that brings together the happenings, ongoing projects, and monthly events at BGI.

Welcome to the February Edition of the businessgateways (India) Newsletter!

“Success is not measured by the position you reach, but by the obstacles you overcome to get there.”


The businessgateways (India) Newsletter is a monthly periodical delivering a curation of past Events, highlights from our office activities (CSR), interesting business news and blogs on current trends straight to your inbox. Scroll down to browse through this month’s highlights. Came across an interesting topic or news you want featured on next month’s newsletter? Feel free to send an email to and we will feature it with your name as the contributor.

BGI India’s Ongoing Projects

A glimpse at some of the ongoing projects here at bgi.

National Subsidy ( Water Subsidy)

The NSS is a platform that facilitates providing subsidies to qualifying households to mitigate the impact from implementation of the Electricity and Water Subsidy reform program. Households covered under the National Subsidy System will receive support in the form of deduction in their electricity bill, in the first stage, and in their water bill in the following stages. The BGI team is currently working on implementing the Water Subsidy.

NSS Logo


bidproc is a SAAS based integrated eTendering & eAuction Platform, capable of delivering enterprise level requirements, empowering Procurement Managers, Finance Managers and Management to conduct and monitor their company’s Procurement & Disposal Events, effectively. bidproc is launched by Business Gateways International (BGI), an ITES organisation implementing national level technology-driven projects in the Sultanate of Oman.



GOPROC driven by businessgateways (India), is an India-grown online eAuction platform, supporting Indian SME Asset Building. GOPROC helps in the Disposal & Purchase of: Excess Goods | Industrial Scrap | Used Vehicles | Used Equipment



Laundry Hub is an online, on-demand laundry service provider in Oman. Laundromats is an application designed to provide solutions to laundries looking to expand their network and improve their presence in the market.



RABT is an online unified platform for the industrial Ecosystem of Oman bringing together all Industrial Organisations operating in Oman to a common framework leading to enhancement of business opportunities and investment potentials for Omani origin Goods & Services by enabling the Industrial Sector’s ICV strategy.


J3 Web & Mobile

The Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS) is a Supplier Compliance System implemented on behalf of the Oman Ministry of Energy and Minerals as an industry-wide procurement system. The upgraded JSRS platform is designed to perform faster, with increased procurement opportunities and improved collaborative tools.


OPAL Unified Service Provider Portal

Oman Society for Petroleum Services (OPAL) Unified Service Provider is designed to cultivate a Global Community of Open & Interactive Learning. OPAL USP is the one-point Contact for all Training Providers to provide Training in a Standardised approach for Learners. Learners can be the Staff of a Company / Companies or Individual Candidates from various Companies.


KH Leathers

The BGI India Team is developing a Supplier Portal for KH groups who are ranked among the most diversified leather Exporters in India. This Supplier Portal will handle all procurement modules and communicate with KH’s ERP system for Enquiries, Quotations, Purchase Order, Logistic Tracking, GRN, Invoices & payments.


Arab Africa Business Framework (Web & Mobile)

The Arab Africa Business Framework fosters opportunities in Procurement & Investments by integrating Nations within Arab & African regions. The Platform intends to create a B2B Ecosystem that facilitates Trade and Partnerships among the Nations connected to the AABF, designed to enable and enforce Local Content Development in Business opportunities relating to Procurement & Investments.

Arab Africa Business Framework

Team Achievements

BGI India – Client Support Team

With regards to the JSRS Validation and Validation Support task, our team members (Sanjay, Yunoos, Melunie, Mahitha, and Dhinesh) have provided their full support to reduce the overall load / count during the last 3 months and assisted JSRS Medium, Large, and International suppliers in getting their fresh and renewed JSRS certificate as per the provided time frame / JSRS Certification process. Their contributions are well noted and appreciated by the BGI Oman Team and BGI India Management.

Thanks to the Team and we wish more such contributions from the team.

BGI India – Team Alpha

Design, development, and implementation of performance appraisal on JSRS-CMS to appraise PDO suppliers’ performance after completion of the contracts and for suppliers to appraise their contractors, PDO would like to further enhance the performance appraisal system by bringing the data collected into CMS Analytics.


Employee of the Month

Mrs. Dharti Ghelani


Sr. Product Manager

businessgateways would like to congratulate Mrs. Dharti Ghelani [Sr. Product Manager] as February’s Employee of the Month!

We’ve recognized (and are quite impressed!) by how hard you have been working on all ongoing and upcoming project. We understand and appreciate that it takes a lot of effort for you and your team to fulfil all the requirements, organize all the required activities and complete it all on a high-quality level.

businessgateways wishes you great success and looks forward to celebrating more of your work achievements

Employee Appraisal and Promotion

Vasantha Kumar N (Associate Software Test Engineer – DEVELOPMENT) has received an appraisal for his dedication and hard work while Jaya Kumar N (Associate Executive – PROJECTS) has received a confirmation letter on completing his months of training with us. Congratulations to the two key players in the BGI Family!

Here’s to another year of success with you right by our side.

Month in View

4 February 2023: Business Leadership League

Business Leadership League is an ecosystem dedicated to meet the growth aspirations of business. Through this league, businesses can widen their network, gain visibility, build trust, gain perspective and be inspired to achieve more. This month BLL held a B2B Networking Event on the 4th of February 2023. Sindhu Solai Kumar, represented our organisation and attended the Event. Read More about the Business Leadership League

4 February 2023 Business Leadership League

6 – 8 February 2023: businessgateways India Team visited India Energy Week 2023

The India Energy Week exhibition attracted more than 650 exhibiting Companies at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC).

Held under the patronage of the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Government of India and supported by the Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry (FIPI), the exhibition provided an unparalleled opportunity for buyers and sellers to meet, network and engage with the full energy value chain including leading NOCs, IOCs, NECs and IECs and companies operating within alternative & renewables, utilities & power generation, construction & industrialisation, technology & services and government & academia. BGI India team (John Isaac Balasundaram, Hariharran Addithya R and Priya Dinesh) attended the three day Event and connected with various companies on the floor. Read More about the Event

CEO Travel Entries

On 18 February 2023, Hemant met an interesting Auto Driver who drove using a steering wheel.

Iyappan is a Cancer survivor, an accident survivor, an Electronics Engineer, a Public Health Worker for Polio Drops initiative and so much more. During his commute, Hemant learnt that Iyappan worships Abdul Kalam and his own Mother.

When the accident impacted his right arm, Iyappan decided to alter his Auto to make driving earlier for him; His accelerator and clutch system are controlled using his feet.

“Iyappan’s attitude to life is simply inspirational and listening to him made my journey to the bus stand a huge learning experience” Hemant commented.

CEO Travel Entries

Life is not about encountering challenges because that we all do, eventually one way or the other. But only few of them understand those challenges in the truest sense of purpose and grow on them.

Work Anniversary

businessgateways (India) wish you a very happy work anniversary. We wish you continued success in developing and learning as you have in recent years. We are incredibly proud of how far you’ve come.

Here’s to another year of success with you right by our side.

Info Display in the Reception

In February, we got a TV unit fitted in the Chennai office reception space. At present, the TV plays various clippings: Hemant’s interview, Introductory videos on BGI and JSRS, Past Event Highlight videos, Employee of the month and much more from the official BGI YouTube Channel. In the coming month, we also plan on showing the monthly highlights and BGI activities on the TV. Do look forward to our updates on the TV!

Here’s to another year of success with you right by our side.

TV in the Reception

Monthly Birthday Celebration at the Office

Birthday Celebration 

  • Ejas Ahmed M
  • Gowsith M
  • Kavitha G
  • Praveen Babu K
  • Sangeetha Periya,
  • Vijay P

Congratulations Srinivasan & Divya

We want to express our heartfelt congratulations to you both on the birth of your new baby son! This is a very exciting moment for your family, and we are overjoyed to hear the good news.

Srinivasan & Divya

BGI India Spotlight

Balaji and Kavitha’s Daughter wins the Overall Championship at the Inter-School Competition

Ashvitha Balaji won 2 gold medals, 3 bronze medals, and secured the overall championship cup in the inter-school competition. We, at BGI, are incredibly happy and proud of the tiny tot for her hard work and dedication in achieving this remarkable feat!

Ashvitha Balaji

Girish’s Daughter shines at the Karate Championship

Girish’s daughter Jeevana won a gold and silver medal at the 14th National Karate Championship. Congratulations to the young champion!


BGI India Spotlight

BGI-Spotlight(Key Strategies)-

High-Growth Business Development Strategies: A Strategic Approach

In this month’s BGI Spotlight, John IB, Manager, Business Development, shares insights on developing business development strategies

Product / Service Focus


bidproc, driven by businessgateways (India), is an India-grown online eAuction platform, supporting Indian SME Asset Building. bidproc helps in the Disposal & Purchase of: Excess Goods | Industrial Scrap | Used Vehicles | Used Equipment Read More


Useful Informations

QuillBot AI

QuillBot’s Paraphraser is the perfect tool to help you write better, faster, and smarter. It offers seven modes to customise your rephrasing, an AI-powered thesaurus to find the best synonyms, and the ability to directly integrate into Chrome and Microsoft Word. Read More

QuillBot Logo


Lexica is a web app that provides access to a massive database of AI-generated images and their accompanying text prompts. It is a great source of inspiration for AI-generated artwork, with over 5 million images and the ability to copy and remix text prompts. Read More



The WordPress docs chatbot. An AI chatbot that gives direct answers to your WordPress questions and has been trained on all the official WordPress documentation to answer your questions accurately. Read More

chatwp logo

Teach Anything

Teach Anything uses the OpenAI GPT-3 API (specifically, text-davinci-003), and Vercel Edge functions with streaming. It constructs a prompt based on the form and user input, sends it to the GPT-3 API via a Vercel Edge function, and streams the response back to the application. Read More

Teach Anything Logo

Tips for you:

  • Set goals : Set specific, achievable goals for yourself, both in the short-term and long-term. This will help you stay focused and motivated.

  • Learn from failures: Don’t be afraid to fail – instead, view failures as opportunities to learn and grow. Analyse what went wrong and use this knowledge to improve your future efforts.

  • Surround yourself with positivity: Surround yourself with positive and supportive people, both in your personal and professional life. This will help you stay motivated and inspired.

  • Find meaning in your work: Try to find meaning and purpose in your work, and how it contributes to the larger mission of your organisation. This will help you stay motivated and engaged.

  • Stay curious: Stay curious and keep learning new things, both inside and outside of your field. This will help you stay motivated and inspired, and open up new opportunities for growth and development.

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