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Newsletter-May 2023
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“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at”

– Stephen Hawking

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BGI India’s Projects Scheduled for the Month of April

The NSS is a platform that facilitates providing subsidies to qualifying households to mitigate the impact from implementation of the Electricity and Water Subsidy reform program. Households covered under the National Subsidy System will receive support in the form of deduction in their electricity bill, in the first stage, and in their water bill in the following stages. The BGI team is currently working on implementing the Water Subsidy
Note: businessgateways team has implemented the Fuel Subsidy in 2017 and the Electricity Subsidy in 2021.
 NSS Logo

RABT is an online unified platform for the industrial Ecosystem of Oman bringing together all Industrial Organisations operating in Oman to a common framework leading to enhancement of business opportunities and investment potentials for Omani origin Goods & Services by enabling the Industrial Sector’s ICV strategy.


The Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS) is a Supplier Compliance System implemented on behalf of the Oman Ministry of Energy and Minerals as an industry-wide procurement system. The upgraded JSRS platform is designed to perform faster, with increased procurement opportunities and improved collaborative tools.


Oman Energy Association for Petroleum Services (OPAL) Unified Services Platform (OPAL USP) is designed to cultivate a Global Community of Open & Interactive Learning. OPAL USP is the one-point Contact for all Training Providers to provide Training in a Standardised approach for Learners. Learners can be the Staff of a Company / Companies or Individual Candidates from various Companies.

The BGI India Team is developing a Supplier Portal for KH Groups – the KHOneERP Supplier Portal. The KH Groups are ranked among the most diversified leather Exporters in India and BGI India Team is pleased to work with them on this project. This Supplier Portal will handle all procurement modules and communicate with KH’s ERP system for Enquiries, Quotations, Purchase Order, Logistic Tracking, GRN, Invoices & Payments.
The BGI India Team is developing a Supplier Portal for KH Groups – the KHOneERP Supplier Portal. The KH Groups are ranked among the most diversified leather Exporters in India and BGI India Team is pleased to work with them on this project. This Supplier Portal will handle all procurement modules and communicate with KH’s ERP system for Enquiries, Quotations, Purchase Order, Logistic Tracking, GRN, Invoices & Payments.

Dear Team,

"We sincerely value your hard work and dedication in taking on demanding projects. Your efforts are crucial to our company's success.”

Team Achievements – April 2023

NSS Project

NSS Upgraded Application

We are thrilled to announce that our NSS project has undergone a significant upgrade, moving from PHP 5.6 to 7.3 and MySQL from 5.7 to 8. The team has shown exceptional professionalism and technical expertise in executing this critical project. The migration process required an in-depth understanding of the application’s code and the intricacies of the databases. The team has worked diligently to ensure a seamless transition and the stability of the upgraded application.

The upgraded application has several benefits, including improved security, faster processing times, and increased performance. Additionally, the new versions of PHP and MySQL have introduced several new features, enhancing the application’s functionality and user experience.

We appreciate the team’s commitment and hard work in completing this activity successfully. Their efforts have made a significant contribution to the project’s success and have strengthened the organisation’s technological capabilities.

NSS Project Team Members

Employee of the Month


Prithi M

Associate Software Programmer

Your sheer grit and determination at work has been recognised and highly appreciated by your family here in BGI.

Your recent support in the NSS Project was impressive and quintessential in us completing the maintenance on time and with perfection. We, at BGI, are pleased to have a powerhouse like you in our midst! Here’s to achieving many more milestones!!

businessgateways wishes you great success and looks forward to celebrating more of your work achievements

Employee Appraisal and Promotion

Congratulations to Ishwarya, Sudha, and Vaishali M on their promotion from Intern to Onroll! And congratulations to Jayasurya on his promotion from Trainee to Junior Executive – Content Operations!

We are thrilled to have you all continue with us and contribute to another year of success. Here’s to a great future together!

Work Anniversary

businessgateways (India) wish you a very happy work anniversary. We wish you continued success in developing and learning as you have in recent years. We are incredibly proud of how far you’ve come.

BGI India Spotlight

Enhancing Customer Experience with Chat Support: A Guide for Businesses

In this month’s BGI Spotlight, Mr. Girish Pallikkara Chandran, Manager, Client Operations & Support, shares insights on Enhancing Customer Experience with Chat Support: A Guide for Businesses. Read Blog


BGI’s Digitalized Interview Process

Join Our Team

We encourage and support talents from all Cities to Villages across India
& to be part of a thriving work culture where we view our colleagues as family
& build a career for better living and values learning at every step of the process


Month in View

April 7 2023

EPFO Team visited the Chennai office

Our office was recently visited by a team from the Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), organised by Mr. Hariharan J, our senior accounts executive. During the visit, the EPFO Consultant addressed the concerns and cleared doubts about EPFO for our employees individually.

April 13 2023

BGI India had a meeting with Qatar Rail

The BGI India team submitted a Proposal to Qatar Rail towards the RFP previously received from them. The Team was invited to present on the existing features of GOPROC platform as part of the Demo.

13 April 2023 Qatar Rail Meeting

Demo Sessions on OPAL USP

The BGI India team conducted a Demo session on the OPAL Unified Services Provider (OPAL USP) System to the client – OPAL. Later, on 26 April 2023, the BGI Team also provided a Demo / KT Session on OPAL USP to the Training Providers.

April 20 2023

BGI Team visited the India Coffee Board.

Mr. Denis Charlese, General Manager – Operations, and Mr. John Isaac Balasundaram, Manager – Business Development, visited the India Coffee Board in Bangalore. The purpose of the visit was to gain valuable insights pertaining to the unique challenges and opportunities faced by the coffee industry in India.

April 26 2023

BGI at the Buyer-Seller Meet conducted by FaMe TN and CPCL

Our Business Development Team member, Mr. John Isaac Balasundaram, Manager, attended a buyer-seller meet organised by FaMeTN and Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (CPCL). The Event provided a valuable opportunity for our team to network, engage with other businesses, and learn about procurement requirements and updates from CPCL.

BGI at the Buyer-Seller Meet conducted by FaMe TN and CPCL
April 30 2023

BGI India’s General Manager invited as Chief Guest for the 22nd Graduation Day at E.G.S. PILLAY Engineering College

Mr. Denis Charlese, General Manager – Operations, has been invited as the Chief Guest for the 22nd Graduation Day at E.G.S. Pillay Engineering College, Nagapattinam. In his speech, he thanked the management for producing around 1900+ graduates and urged Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd to provide job Opportunities for local graduates. And also spoke about Local Content and requested Honourable Chief Minister and other m inisters to promote local content in the state.

BGI India Work Life Balance

To promote a healthy work-life balance and create a joyful atmosphere at work, fun-filled activities have been organised. Staff members have been split into three teams – blue, white, and orange – and a carrom tournament has been held between them.

Birthday Celebration

Monthly Birthday Celebration at the Office

Amrith D Nath, Araamudhan I, Denis Charlese S, Mouria Francis A, John IB, Karthik R, Karthikeyan Adithan, Manivannan K, Narayan Barik, Prabhu S, Rajesh A, Ramesh S, Shamini Devi K, Sneha, Vaishali M, Vasantha Kumar N, Vishnu Vardhini.

Birthday Celebrations - April 2023

Weekend Getaways

Chennai Vizha

The first-ever Chennai Vizha, organised by the Department of Tourism, Government of Tamil Nadu, will take place at Island Ground, located at the heart of Chennai, from 29 April to 14 May 2023. Celebrate the traditional handicrafts and handlooms of India at Chennai Vizha. Know More


Kerala Man Innovates Solar Mixie That Doubles Up As Vacuum, Modem, Smoke Detector & More

Biju Narayanan from Kerala has created a groundbreaking solar mixie that not only blends ingredients but also serves as a vacuum cleaner, modem, smoke detector, and offers around 15 other features.Read Article


Exploring Gujarat’s Eco-Friendly ‘Cool House’: Surviving 40-Degree Heat Without Air Conditioning

Step inside Gujarat’s environmentally friendly “Cool House” where despite scorching 40-degree heat, air conditioning is conspicuously absent. Experience the innovative solutions employed to maintain a comfortable and cool living environment without relying on traditional AC systems. Read Article

Tech news

Inactive Google Account? Access May Be Lost Soon!

Google is actively reinforcing its commitment to user safety and privacy through notable revisions to its Inactive Accounts Policy. Consequently, inactive accounts are on the verge of being deleted in the near future. Read Article

Instagram may soon rival Twitter with its own text-based app.

Instagram, owned by Meta, is set to launch a text-based app to rival Twitter, with recent evidence suggesting an imminent release Read Article

Here are 16 top alternatives to ChatGPT in 2023, both free and paid options available.

Discover a curated list of the 16 finest ChatGPT alternatives for 2023, offering a range of free and paid options to suit your needs. Explore these alternatives and find the perfect chatbot solution for you. Read Article

Useful Informations

Google Bard

Bard is an early experiment by Google that allows users to collaborate with generative AI to boost productivity, accelerate ideas, and fuel curiosity. Read More


GPT For Sheets

The GPT Sheets Add-on provides an easy way to access OpenAI GPT-3’s powerful capabilities from within Google Sheets. Read More

GPT For Sheets

Ulaa Browser

Ulla Browser is a web browser designed to provide users with a fast and secure browsing experience. It offers a range of features and functionalities that enhance user productivity and privacy while navigating the internet. Read More



LINER is an AI-powered extension that provides ChatGPT-based answers on Google search results, as well as offering a PDF assistant for deeper insights. It allows users to highlight and organize information, and offers various subscription plans. Read More


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