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“Thinking is progress. Non-thinking is stagnation of the individual, organization, and the country. Thinking leads to action.”

– Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

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Chandrayaan-3 Mission Celebrated with Great Enthusiasm at Business Gateways India

The atmosphere at Business Gateways was filled with joy and excitement as the Chandrayaan-3 mission by ISRO was live telecasted in our office. The entire team came together to celebrate the success of the ISRO team. We witnessed India’s remarkable space achievements and took pride in being part of this historic moment. Congratulations, ISRO, on your outstanding achievement from all of us at Business Gateways!

BGI India’s Projects Scheduled for the Month

RABT is an online unified platform for the industrial Ecosystem of Oman bringing together all Industrial Organisations operating in Oman to a common framework leading to enhancement of business opportunities and investment potentials for Omani origin Goods & Services by enabling the Industrial Sector’s ICV strategy.


The Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS) is a Supplier Compliance System implemented on behalf of the Oman Ministry of Energy and Minerals as an industry-wide procurement system. The upgraded JSRS platform is designed to perform faster, with increased procurement opportunities and improved collaborative tools.


Oman Energy Association (OPAL) Unified Services Platform (OPAL USP) is designed to cultivate a Global Community of Open & Interactive Learning. OPAL USP is the one-point Contact for all Training Providers to provide Training in a Standardised approach for Learners. Learners can be the Staff of a Company / Companies or Individual Candidates from various Companies. Phase 2 development is currently in progress, further enhancing the capabilities of the Oman Energy Association (OPAL) Unified Services Platform (OPAL USP) for an improved learning experience and services.

The BGI India Team is developing a Supplier Portal for KH Groups – the KHOneERP Supplier Portal. The KH Groups are ranked among the most diversified leather Exporters in India and BGI India Team is pleased to work with them on this project. This Supplier Portal will handle all procurement modules and communicate with KH’s ERP system for Enquiries, Quotations, Purchase Order, Logistic Tracking, GRN, Invoices & Payments.
The Arab-Africa Business Framework fosters opportunities in procurement and investments by integrating nations within Arab and African regions. The platform intends to create a B2B ecosystem that facilitates trade and partnerships among the nations connected to the AABF and is designed to enable and enforce local content development in business opportunities relating to procurement and investments. Currently, we have initiated the gathering of requirements and started the UI design phase.
The OIA ICV Monitoring and Reporting System is currently in development. It aims to bring all OIA Entities onto one platform for strategic and operational ICV impact. The system enables assessment of ICV Performance for Subsidiaries, Main Contractors, and Sub-Contractors, promoting collaboration and monitoring of ICV objectives as per OIA Guidelines.

Our Products

Goproc_An Integrated eAuction & eTendering Platform

BGI 9th Anniversary Event

01 July 2023

BGI’s 9th Anniversary: Thanksgiving day to family members

On July 1, 2023, BGI commemorated its 9th anniversary with an unforgettable annual day event at Esthell Village Resort. The occasion united employees, their families, Our CEO, Mr. Hemant Murkoth, and directors Dr. Nasser Saif Majid AL-Dhahli and Mr. Omar Al Mamari in celebration of nine years of excellence and growth.

The day brimmed with lively team competitions, fostering camaraderie and promoting work-life balance among the staff. Amidst the friendly rivalry, the Orange Team (Semmanjal Siruthaigal) emerged as champions, showcasing exceptional skills and true teamwork.

During the event, we took the opportunity to honor outstanding employees who made remarkable contributions to our company’s success:

Most Valuable player Award: Vinoth Maria Victor, our Senior Team Lead in Software Testing, with the coveted MVP Award. His exceptional dedication and technical expertise have significantly elevated our projects and team performance. Congratulations, Vinoth, on this well-deserved recognition!

Find of the Year Award: Sudha P, Trainee – Database Administration, received recognition for her expertise and unwavering dedication in database administration.

Employee of the Year Award: Prithi M, Associate Software Programmer, was bestowed with the prestigious award for her outstanding programming skills and steadfast commitment to excellence.

Attitude of the Year Award: Arun Raj S, Associate Executive – HRD, received well-deserved recognition for his positive approach and exceptional interpersonal skills, which have made him an invaluable member of the BGI team.

Support of the Year Award: Narayan Barik Jr., Executive – Admin, Rajeswari M – Housekeeping, and Ramya – Housekeeping were honored with this award for their exceptional support and dedication, ensuring the seamless functioning of the organization.

The event was a resounding success, brimming with joy and happiness, as we celebrated our remarkable journey and expressed our heartfelt appreciation for exceptional employees like you. Together, we look forward to an even brighter future, with a continued focus on fostering a vibrant and enjoyable work environment at BGI.

11 July 2023

Balancing Success: Our 9th Anniversary Work-Life Event

Following our company’s triumphant 9th-anniversary event centered around work-life balance, the event committee members held a brief yet fruitful “After Event” discussion. They exchanged positive feedback on the event’s impact, highlighting its success in promoting well-being and team cohesion. Valuable lessons were learned, ensuring even better future planning. The team remains committed to fostering a healthy work-life balance for all employees.

Employee of the Month

Mr. Mohamed Yunoos. H

Mr. Mohamed Yunoos. H

Executive – Supplier Engagements
Client Support

We are thrilled to announce Mohamed Yunoos. H is BGI India’s Employee of the Month for July!

Your unwavering dedication, exceptional problem-solving skills, and commitment to customer satisfaction have truly set you apart. Throughout your time with us you have consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and have delivered prompt and effective solutions. You have shown an exemplary ability in ensuring that every client’s concern is handled with care and efficiency and that is why you are our Employee of the Month!

businessgateways wishes you great success and looks forward to celebrating more of your work achievements

Employee Appraisal and Promotion

Congratulations to all our employees on their outstanding performance in the recent appraisals! Your hard work has paid off, and we are thrilled to announce well-deserved promotions for many of you. Your dedication and talent are truly appreciated, and we look forward to your continued success in your new roles. Keep up the excellent work!

Work Anniversary

businessgateways (India) wish you a very happy work anniversary. We wish you continued success in developing and learning as you have in recent years. We are incredibly proud of how far you’ve come.

BGI India Spotlight

Enhancing Procurement Efficiency: Unlocking the Potential of Reverse Auctions

In this month’s BGI Spotlight, Mr Ranjith Ram, Senior Executive, Sales Operations and Marketing, describes Enhancing Procurement Efficiency: Unlocking the Potential of Reverse Auctions. Read Blog


Employee Achievements

Congratulations to our employee, Ms Vinodhine Rajakumar, for achieving the Foundation Level Certificate in Software Testing from the prestigious Indian Testing Board. Her commitment to professional development and acquiring new skills is truly commendable.

Employee-Achievements_Level Certificate in Software Testing

Month in View

06 July 2023

OPAL USP Project Live

Exciting news! The OPAL USP project is now live, fostering a global community of open and interactive learning in the energy industry. As the one-stop platform for standardized training, learners can access top-quality programs to enhance their skills and contribute to industry growth. OPAL OMAN has also shared this milestone on their official social media platforms. Let’s embark on this journey of knowledge and collaboration together!

21 July 2023

BGI India’s Technical Team Engages with IDA Intellect Design Arena Ltd

In a recent interaction, members of BGI India’s technical team, including Mr. Balaji K., Sr. Manager, Technology Services; Ms. Dharti Ghelani, Sr. Product Manager; and Mr. Denis Charles S., General Manager, Operations, convened with Intellect Design Arena Ltd. (IDA)., the Implementers of GEM Portal. This meeting took place in Chennai and focused on collaboration.

24 July 2023

24 – 25 July 2023
BGI and IDA collaboration & Team BGI at Celoxis Office

We are delighted to announce the collaboration between businessgateways (BGI) and Intellect Design Arena Ltd. (IDA), who implemented the GEM portal in 2017. This initiative is for the execution of national and international ICV-driven projects in India and across the globe.

Team BGI also had a productive meeting at Celoxis Pune office, fostering collaboration and exploring partnership opportunities.

23 July 2023

23 July – 31 July 2023
Ms. Dharti Ghelani’s visit to BGI Oman Office

Ms. Dharti Ghelani, Sr. Product Manager – PRODUCT MANAGEMENT, made a valuable impact during her recent visit to the BGI Oman Office. As part of the BGI team who are preparing the proposal, she contributed along with the BGI Oman team to ensure that the huge proposal was prepared as a Team work.

26 July 2023

Sanjiv Padman visits the BGI India Office

Mr. Sanjiv Padman, Senior Manager of Business Development, Business Gateways International LLC, visited the BGI India office. During his visit, he met with the Business Development Team and engaged in insightful sessions with India Team members.

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We encourage and support talents from all Cities to Villages across India & to be part of a thriving work culture where we view our colleagues as family & build a career for better living and values learning at every step of the process


Birthday Celebration

Monthly Birthday Celebration at the Office

Akash, Bharathi B, Ishwarya R, James G, Kaliaperumal V, Manasa B, Prabhu M, Pradeep M, Priya D, Sanjay Kumar N, Shanmuga Sundar Raj R, Vijay Bharathi G, Vimaleshwaran R, Vinodhine R.

BGI’s Digitalized Interview Process

Join Our Team

We encourage and support talents from all Cities to Villages across India & to be part of a thriving work culture where we view our colleagues as family & build a career for better living and values learning at every step of the process


Tech Unveiled

Quick Response (QR) codes were invented in 1994 by Masahiro Hara, who worked for a Japanese automotive company, Denso Wave. Initially used to track vehicles during manufacturing, QR codes are now widely used for various purposes like product information, mobile payments, and marketing campaigns. Know More

The first-ever computer programmer: Ada Lovelace, a mathematician in the early 19th century, is considered the world’s first computer programmer. She wrote the world’s first algorithm designed to be processed by a machine. Ada Lovelace’s work laid the foundation for modern computer programming. Know More

The first video game, called “Tennis for Two,” was created in 1958 by physicist William Higinbotham. It was displayed on an oscilloscope and allowed players to control paddles and hit a ball over a net. Know More

Useful Apps & Sites

Chat GPT

Your AI Conversation Partner – An intelligent and friendly virtual assistant app that engages in natural, human-like conversations, providing helpful information, answering questions, and offering personalized assistance. Check out the app


Zoho Notebook – Notes, Journal

Organize & Capture Ideas – A powerful note-taking app for seamless organization and quick capture of ideas, to-do lists, and reminders on-the-go, ensuring you never miss a thought. Check out the app

Zoho Notebook - Notes, Journal

Zoho Vault

Secure Password Manager – Safeguard your sensitive information with Zoho Vault, a trusted password management website that offers encrypted storage, seamless access, and easy password sharing for enhanced security and convenience. Read More


Coolors: Instant Color Schemes – Discover, create, and customize beautiful color palettes effortlessly with Coolors, the ultimate website for designers and artists seeking inspiration and harmony in their projects. Read More



Sustainable Collective Transforms 500 kg of Pharmaceutical Waste into Exquisite Furniture Fabric

Three friends have joined forces to create Daera X Cancelled Plans, a remarkable sustainable collective focused on upcycling pharmaceutical and textile waste into exquisite furniture fabric and unique designs for home decor. Through their creative endeavor, they have successfully repurposed 500 kg of waste, contributing to a more eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing approach to interior design. Read Article

Sustainable Collective Transforms

Medtech Startup Introduces AI-Enabled Device for Rapid Disease Diagnosis

Dr. Tathagato Rai Dastidar shares the motivation behind his pioneering medtech startup, SigTuple. The company has successfully developed an AI-enabled device aimed at transforming pathology by expediting disease diagnosis and reducing human errors. This innovative technology holds the potential to detect illnesses more efficiently and at an earlier stage, promising significant advancements in the field of medical diagnostics. Read Article

Tech news

Truecaller has launched a cutting-edge AI-powered assistant designed to answer calls on your behalf. Here’s how it operates!

In 2022, Truecaller introduced its AI-driven call screening feature for Android and iOS, initially focusing on Australia and the United States. Now, this functionality has been officially extended to India. Read Article

Effortlessly Text Unsaved Numbers on WhatsApp with the Latest Feature

WhatsApp has recently introduced a convenient new feature that allows users to send messages to unsaved contacts without any trouble. Now, you can easily reach out to people even if their phone numbers are not saved in your contacts, making communication a breeze and saving you from unnecessary hassle. Read Article

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